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Little Flower Bequest History

NOTE: Though this webpage references "Endowments" we have been using the wrong terminology - the gifts/bequests left to Little Flower have been set up in Archdiocese accounts for us which are non-endowed, unrestricted accounts.

Greetings Little Flower Community,

As announced at our Little Flower Community meeting on the 25th of April, 2021 (and via the Community Letter sent out shortly afterward), we have been blessed with a number of generous bequests in the past few years.
Here are some key points to note:
  • As follow on to the organ meetings at the end of 2019, we collected ideas for the bequests (improperly referred to as endowments) in the beginning of 2020 (12/20/2019 - actual date).
  • Many ideas were collected from the community, rated via online voting and presented at a Little Flower Ideation Community Meeting on the 9th of February, 2020. (See Endowment Ideas file, also pictured below)
  • Initially, Father Herzog had met with an architect to do an initial walk through for a feasibility study, then COVID sent us home and shut our doors.  In the meantime, we gained a new principal Ms. Openlander and had to refocus our efforts to online learning and online mass.
  • With the leadership of Ms. Openlander, we were able to get back to safe in-person school and once things got into a good rhythm, we were able to circle back to the improvement efforts - starting with curriculum, adding a new outdoor learning space (playground) and much more.
  • We then engaged Architects at V3 Studios, with one of our own parishioners/school parents and a former Pre-K parent - they know our Little Flower Community and its needs.  During the first few months of 2021 we engaged community leaders in this feasibility activity (see the process document: Little Flower Campus Construction Project.pdf) from Parish Council, School Board, Finance, Fundraising, etc. (upwards of 30 of your community members and representative leadership).
  • We are pleased to share that the funds allocation from the bequests were approved by the Archdiocese (in coordination with Ms. LaWanda Barnes of the Archdiocese Finance Office) and the projects were approved by Archbishop Rozanski (via Rev. Msgr. Dennis Stehly and in coordination with Mr. Tom Du Bois and Mr. Bob Palisch of the Archdiocese Building and Real Estate Office).
  • The projects include much needed curriculum updates, technology updates, the new outdoor learning space/playground.  A good deal of coordination has been done in particular for the larger improvements (which address the starred items in the table of ideas from Feb 2020 above):
  • infrastructure for the HVAC and technology
    • Mechanical Upgrade - Airflow & Circulation for better Building Occupant Wellness and a Healthier Learning Environment for the students post pandemic. 
    • Electrical Infrastructure Installation- For not only a new modern Intercom system but also for easy classroom technology upgrades in the coming years to keep up with rapidly evolving teaching systems.
  • a facelift with a new safer entrance that is ADA accessible (including accessibility to other facilities, such as a restroom), 
  • a new kitchen to serve our community fish fries, etc. 
  • and much more.
  • Going forward, various committees will be meeting to workout the details such as schedule (process document referenced above), follow on needs such as windows, specific church and classroom updates, etc.