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Early Childhood

For Ages 3-5

Little Flower Early Childhood Program:  Come Grow with us!
For children ages 3-5, we offer several options for 2-5 half or full-day programs.  Please see tuition for more information.

Our Early Childhood program is dedicated to providing children with safe, nurturing environments in which they can learn through play.  It is our intention to instill in your child a love of school and learning that will follow them through their educational experience.  In both the PreK3 and PreK4 classrooms, each student has their own cubby space, group gathering area for circle time, and “center” areas dedicated to dramatic play, reading, manipulatives, art, and more.   Additionally, our all students in our early childhood program enjoy weekly enrichment from our dedicated staff for art, music and physical education.

To provide a fun, enriching introduction to formal education, our Pre-K3 classroom combines traditional play spaces with a fun lofty “treehouse.”  There is a youth-sized restroom connected to the classroom, and several quiet areas for rest time and quiet play.
As children focus on preparing for Kindergarten, the PreK4 classroom has rotating assigned seating for each student.  With more opportunities to select activities based on interest and learning level, children are engaged at an individualized comfort level, providing a safe, stress-free approach to learning.

There are plenty of opportunities for spirituality in our Early Childhood program.  For instance, children:
  • Read and learn morals from Bible stories
  • Participate in prayer and pledge every morning
  • Engage in musical instruction with religious themes
  • Participate in the Annual Christmas Program

At Little Flower Catholic School, all of our students and faculty are all familiar with one another.   This truly benefits our Early Childhood program, as we routinely arrange visits and activities with students from the older grades.  These interactions offer opportunities for positive mentoring, social/emotional growth, and fun in general!  Whether it’s recess with Kindergarteners, or building gingerbread houses with 8th Graders, students benefit from the rich community our school has to offer.

Our staff assists our children in developing their social-emotional skills by caring for them and showing them appropriate affection, encouraging them to try new things, and giving them opportunities to play with other children.  We encourage and teach our children to express their feelings in an appropriate manner to foster the development of positive relationships with peers and adults.  We provide consistent routines and expectations to facilitate a predictable environment for the child.  We stress kindness and acceptance of all to create an atmosphere of belonging where they each play an important role.