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We love hearing from our growing Little Flower Family!

“Some say, ‘Good things come in small packages.’ We have found this to be true at Little Flower Catholic School. We chose to send all four of our children to Little Flower because of its tradition of graduating students with a strong Catholic faith and a strong education. We love the advantages small class sizes provide. From Pre-K through eighth grade, the teachers are excellent. The teachers know each child individually. They work with every student, developing strengths and addressing weaknesses. Along with a deep rooted tradition, Little Flower continues to grow its curriculum (e.g., accelerated math program), classroom technology, and after school clubs. Little Flower has prepared our children to excel not only in high school, but also outside the classroom. After attending Little Flower School, we know our children have a good foundation for life.”

— ~Parents of students in 5th and 8th grades, as well as 2 prior graduates

“My son started Pre-K at Little Flower School in 1994. So when our daughter came along, it was natural that she also attend Little Flower. With our family changing and with my daughter and I recently moving out of the area- not far, but there are two Catholic Schools within walking distance from our apartment- my daughter asked me if she could shadow at the school closest to our new apartment. She loved Little Flower, but wanted to walk to school and have friends in our new neighborhood. I agreed. If this worked out, I could go home straight from work, which was a small bonus for me. My daughter started her new school in August, but within two weeks she was home sick for Little Flower. At first I told her she would have to stick it out the entire year and could return to Little Flower the next year. But I soon realized she was not being challenged. The work was easy, and she was bored. Then I started to really pay attention to her in a different way. I noticed she had not made any new friends. She was not the happy child she once was. I started to investigate, and realized we had made a huge mistake. Little Flower teachers are so wonderful. They teach to each individual student and their needs. They notice when your child behaves just a little different and call and want to know if they can help or at least understand the situation. We learned the hard way this is not always the case-we changed schools back. Little Flower is home for my daughter. She is now back to the happy girl I know and love!”

— ~Mother of a 6th grader

“We chose Little Flower Catholic School for our children because we want them to have a quality education that focuses on strong academics and respect for God, self and others. We love Little Flower School because of the outstanding teachers and staff, the small class sizes, and the accelerated academic programs. We are grateful that our children are being taught by outstanding, loving, and caring teachers. They expect great things from the children in their academics and in their behavior. They provide the knowledge and tools for the children to excel. The accelerated academic programs give the children the opportunity to be continually challenged. The small class sizes at Little Flower allow our children to receive the attention they need to succeed in their academic work. The size of the school also means that this is a place ‘where everybody knows your name’. Our children are friends with students from many different grades. It warms our hearts when we see eighth graders saying ‘hi’ or ‘high fiving’ our kindergartener. Little Flower is more than just a place to learn, it is a place where all feel the presence of God, where children learn the importance of living their lives with good morals.”

— ~Parents of students in 7th, 4th, 2nd, and Kindergarten

“Little Flower School is the perfect choice for our kids! With three children who each have different strengths and interests, we wanted a school that offered diverse, challenging academic programs. With accelerated math, advanced literature, and arts & science exploration programs, each of our kids has found somewhere to excel… and all in a close-knit, nurturing, Christ-centered environment. We couldn’t ask for more!”

— ~Parents of students in 3rd, Kindergarten, and Pre-K